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Explorers Emporium Retail Shop

Explorers Emporium Store Interior Picture.

Does Explorers’ Emporium have a normal Online Retail Store? Yes. For sure. We have what we call the Adventurers Store located at: . We also have a Brick n Mortar store at: 306 S. Ironwood Dr, Apache Junction, AZ 85120. Our store provides Pathfinder, Dungeons and Dragons, Board Games, Dinosaur Fossil Casts, Renaissance Clothing and Gear, LARP supplies, Critical Role merchandise and so much more. Please follow this link- more stuff being added all the time: .

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Advantages of Map Packs

ADVENTURERS!!! We hope you are finding the Digital Download website useful. Is having the ability to download rooms, corridors and maps for use in your RPG games helpful? Yes, absolutely. It is funny…. Forty years ago, many of us DM’s and GM’s had to craft our own tiles and rooms. I, personally, used to take white paper with a straight edge ruler and draw corridors, make 1 inch squares, or whatever. Then, I would go down to the local ice cream/Thrifty store with a bunch of quarters, then use there copy machine to make more. With all this new map software, things have gotten much better. As we have mentioned, we do use Arkenforge for many of the designs.

I do enjoy creating dungeons and maps using software. I found myself re-creating the Mad Mage dungeon with all its layers. But as I finished, I came to the conclusion that I missed just placing tiles down. Most of the prep was pretty much eliminated. I no longer had to worry about the software wanting to do an update or perhaps having a glitch or asset disappear. Laying down tiles automatically creates the Fog of War affect. The players still had a fabulous time. And, with our map packs, if I need a bunch of corridors- I just had to print them. Easy.