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20240528 Explorers Emporium on YouTube in a VOLCANO


ADVENTURERS!!! We just posted an AWESOME video showing our process of working with green screens and using Pinnacle Video Software. Watch “Explorers Emporium on YouTube in a VOLCANO”! It includes a silly scene from the Shopkeeper and a stunning video of a volcano. Enjoy watching:

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20240527 This Week’s YouTube Update

Explorers Emporium on YouTube

ADVENTURERS!!! This is this weeks update. Thank you to all the wonderful subscribers. We gained another 140+ to the family. Super appreciated. We are doing a “how to” video showing and talking about working with green screens, instead of just showing what we are doing. And, we have the first part of of the next Candela Obscura all shot and being prepped. Coming out great. Also, we will have some more Dungeon Delver Dilemmas shorts coming out. FUN week ahead.

Top videos this week are still “Crafting Explorers: Laced Leather Bracers” and “20240407 3D Stackable Building Pt 2 for TTRPG or Mini Movie Set”. But, these two are doing really well right now. Definitely FUN to watch!

3D Printed Stackable Building Laser Cuts Pt 4:

20240509 TTRPG Resin Lake fin:

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Green Screen Uses 20240523

20240131 Shopkeeper and the Skeleton Crew

We have all seen the amazing uses of Green Screens in Marvel and DC super hero movies. What is truly amazing is how readily available green screens and movie making software has become. Not to mention, computers have really gained in speed and resources for saving large, complex projects.

It is funny to think back in 1995, when my wife and I built our first children’s museum. We had a state of the art “Gateway” computer that had a massive 500 mb hard drive. Yah… that is megabyte- half a gig. We thought we would never fill that hard drive up. When we render video for the museum, the largest that an image could be was 480P. The movie files were HUGE. And, rendering a 30 second video could take DAYS. Processing was painful. And, when you hit the render button knowing it would take a day to create… Your greatest fear was a power failure.

Subscribe to Explorers Emporium YouTube
Subscribe to Explorers Emporium YouTube

Here is a FUN video we recently shot using a green screen and a green outfit. We were creating video parts for our Candela Obscura Character Creation series. We hope seeing the process inspires creativity for others. Enjoy!

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This Week in YouTube 20240522

Explorers Emporium YouTube Subscribers

ADVENTURERS!!! Explorers Emporium is very grateful for everyone who has subscribed to our YouTube Channel. We have officially made the first tier in YouTube and have over 530+ subscriber. We are now working on getting over 1000+ subscribers and achieving the “Public Watch Hours” criteria. Thank you to everyone!

YouTube Channel: 

We wanted to share our current most watched video. For all you leather crafters out there, this is Jessica showing us how to make Leather Bracers for LARP, SEA, and costumes. This particular video has over 6.1K views.

Lace Leather Bracers: 

We also have a wonderful video showing us making a 3D Stackable Building for TTRPG’s and Miniature Movie Sets. This video was launched a little over a month ago and currently has 850 views.

TTRPG Stackable Buildings Part 2:  

Thank you for letting us share. Thank you for joining us on this journey. Happy EXPLORING!

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Candela Obscura Backstory Video Coming Soon

Candela Obscura Backstory Movie Set

EXPLORERS!!! Our Candela Obscura Backstory Part 3 video is in production! Can’t wait to finish and post. We are currently shooting an assortment of Green Screen shots. We are having some serious FUN. Here are a couple of pictures of the set.

Candela Obscura Choosing Character Roles Part 1:

Candela Obscura Developing Characters Part 2:

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Thank You for Following Our Adventures

Lady Vamyra and Lord Rupert

Sincerely- Explorers Emporium wanted to thank everyone who has joined the membership on Patreon and subscribed on YouTube. Our progress is moving forward. We are focused on keeping Explorers Emporium available to the community. Thank you for your contributions. We cannot make it without you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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