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20240119 Explorers’ Emporium’s Next Evolution

Explorers’ Emporium is now in the process of evolving into its next business format. We shall be involved in creating fun and educational social media content. The new facility will also be designed to assist others in doing podcasts and recording projects. This with our retail store, our digital content, and special events shall make us a delightful adventure for everyone.

Back in 1989, when we first started doing our first educational programs and raising funds to build our first children’s museum- We have striven to be up-to-date with our technologies and information. In this fast paced world, it is important to be ready to adapt and grow. Today, we have an opportunity to develop and deliver more than ever.

Once our current building has been sold, there will be a period of down time, as we acquire the land and build the new building. The store and most services will still be available, once we reopen. But, we shall also be providing state of the art green rooms and recording studios. If all goes well, we have other amazing concepts, too; but, we don’t want to give them away… yet.

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