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20240307 Building for Sale or Rent

Explorers Emporium Store Interior Picture.

Thank you to everyone who have followed our journey here at Explorers’ Emporium. As our family matter resolves, and we see what is expected of us, we are now faced with how to move forward. Here is some information to provide you with understanding or perhaps an opportunity. Explorers Emporium is still OPEN during all these processes.

We do have our building for sale. Offers are certainly still being accepted. Follow the links below for more information:



We are also open to renting the front section of the building if someone is interested in that opportunity. Explorers Emporium would move to the back game room. Anyone who would have a business that might find this beneficial, please do not hesitate to contact us. Explorers Emporium would then not sale its building and continue to provide adventures for the community.

The front section of the building is 2000 sq. ft. It has one bathroom. Two entrances in the front and one in the back. The building has role down doors for awesome security. Please contact Commercial Properties, Inc. (CPI) for assistance. Please, feel free to visit the store, as well. The Shopkeeper can get you any needed information. The property Realtors are below:

Rex Griswald……………..Paul Woods………………Andrew Jaffe……….CPI


Happy adventuring everyone. Store is still open. Please keep visiting. We look forward to seeing everyone. Thank you ever so much.

Explorers Emporium Store Interior Picture.
Explorers Emporium Store Interior Picture.
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