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20240527 This Week’s YouTube Update

Explorers Emporium on YouTube

ADVENTURERS!!! This is this weeks update. Thank you to all the wonderful subscribers. We gained another 140+ to the family. Super appreciated. We are doing a “how to” video showing and talking about working with green screens, instead of just showing what we are doing. And, we have the first part of of the next Candela Obscura all shot and being prepped. Coming out great. Also, we will have some more Dungeon Delver Dilemmas shorts coming out. FUN week ahead.

Top videos this week are still “Crafting Explorers: Laced Leather Bracers” and “20240407 3D Stackable Building Pt 2 for TTRPG or Mini Movie Set”. But, these two are doing really well right now. Definitely FUN to watch!

3D Printed Stackable Building Laser Cuts Pt 4:

20240509 TTRPG Resin Lake fin:

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