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20240307 Building for Sale or Rent

Explorers Emporium Store Interior Picture.

Thank you to everyone who have followed our journey here at Explorers’ Emporium. As our family matter resolves, and we see what is expected of us, we are now faced with how to move forward. Here is some information to provide you with understanding or perhaps an opportunity. Explorers Emporium is still OPEN during all these processes.

We do have our building for sale. Offers are certainly still being accepted. Follow the links below for more information:



We are also open to renting the front section of the building if someone is interested in that opportunity. Explorers Emporium would move to the back game room. Anyone who would have a business that might find this beneficial, please do not hesitate to contact us. Explorers Emporium would then not sale its building and continue to provide adventures for the community.

The front section of the building is 2000 sq. ft. It has one bathroom. Two entrances in the front and one in the back. The building has role down doors for awesome security. Please contact Commercial Properties, Inc. (CPI) for assistance. Please, feel free to visit the store, as well. The Shopkeeper can get you any needed information. The property Realtors are below:

Rex Griswald……………..Paul Woods………………Andrew Jaffe……….CPI


Happy adventuring everyone. Store is still open. Please keep visiting. We look forward to seeing everyone. Thank you ever so much.

Explorers Emporium Store Interior Picture.
Explorers Emporium Store Interior Picture.
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The Shopkeeper Adventures- Candela Obscura 001

The Shopkeepers Adventures with Captain Skeleton

The Shopkeeper and Captain Skeleton

Candela Obscura  001 (Video Link at Bottom of the Page)

  “Hi Cap!  Thank you for meeting me here.”

  “Aye…  Always happy to cross swords with The Shopkeeper.”

  The Shopkeeper slides back into his chair in deep thought.  You can see his mind working on things.  Always a thinker The Shopkeeper is.

  “You and I have been through a lot over the years.”  The Shopkeeper turns his head to look at Captain Skeleton.

  “True.  True.” Captain Skeleton replies as he raises his missing skeletal hand and admires his hook.

  “I have been thinking.”  The Captain roles his eye…  When is The Shopkeeper NOT thinking?  The Shopkeeper chuckles.  “We have built and helped children’s museums.”

  “True.  True.”  Captain patiently waits for the big question.

  “We have done live shows and concerts.”  The Shopkeeper says this as his mind reaches back to all the years of struggles, work and efforts.  “They were exhausting, but so very fun.”

  “True.”  The Captain repositions himself and faces The Shopkeeper.  “The Adventurers’ Store is amazing.”

  “It is.”  The Shopkeeper says quietly.

  “We have also done hundreds, thousands, of science school programs and science workshops.”  The Shopkeeper pauses, again, then huffs.  “I am hoping to do one more great project.  Something happy.  Something good.  Something that might be there for others for a very long time.” 

  The Captain looked over at his friend.  The Shopkeeper looked tired, now.  His 60 years of life weighed down upon him, yet he still has more to give.  It never ceases to be amazing.

  The Captain spoke gently, “What do you have in mind?”

  “I think…” The Shopkeeper trailed off for a moment.  “I think I want to play Candela Obscura.”

  If Captain Skeleton could smile, he would be grinning ear to ear.  “Explorers’ Emporium Style, I am assuming.”  Explorers’ Emporium Style is a long time reference between the two of them.  It references doing something with extreme creativity while making it a wonderful learning experience for everyone.

  The Shopkeeper tilted his head towards the Captain with a kindly grin, “Explorers’ Emporium Style.”

  “Do you have a plan?” The Captain asked almost jokingly.

  “I got a plan.”  The Shopkeeper states optimistically. 

  “When do we start?”  The Captain says already knowing the answer.

  “We already have…  We already have.”

  “We have to learn the game.  We need a Game Master, too.”  Said the Captain.

  A deep voice suddenly fills the air, “I will be the Game Master!”

  Startled!  Both the Captain and The Shopkeeper look around frantically. “Uh…  Who are you?”

  “I am your Game Master!  Let’s play!” 


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20240125 Shopkeeper and Senior Care

Running a business is so much more than having product and customers. A small business owner has many responsibilities other than just simply presenting his store. We have seen, in recent years, things like COVID or inflation or China’s market collapse or war in Ukraine or anything- can have an affect upon that small business. These things are on a global scale; but, there are also things on a personal level. Explorers’ Emporium’s shopkeeper and family are currently (for 10 years) in a struggle with caring for his mother-in-law and his mother.

When it comes to family, these struggles are on the personal level. There are often no work arounds. The impact is on the emotional level, the financial level, and often leads to complete exhaustion. The shopkeeper is 60 years old (that is old). His mother-in-law and mother are in their 80’s (that is really old). If a parent spends one or two days in the hospital that can have heavy impacts on the business, the shopkeeper and his family. Now, imagine when it turns to 20 days or even months. And, not just the shopkeeper faces these issues. His family. His friends. So many other people, all struggling with their own family crisis.

The shopkeeper’s father was a prudent planner. He did make sure he paid extra into Social Security so that when retirement came, there would be a little extra money to help with life, food, medicine and such. The counter affect is that- after he passed and his wife needed extra care- she was making a couple hundred dollars too much to receive any government assistance. So, she gets a blood clot in the brain that causes two strokes. Medicare covers that. Then, the inability to care for one’s self, get food, eat food, can’t walk, can’t shower, can’t speak, can’t, can’t, can’t falls upon the family.

24/7 care or else. Husband and wife both work. Does one of them quit working- risking their entire family, their house, their existence? Nurse homes or group homes cost $3000 to $12,000 a month (yah… a month). Because the father was a prudent planner and his wife receives a couple hundred dollars over the requirements in Social Security, she cannot get Medicaid to help with those costs. What is $200 compared to $3000-$12000?

Now, let’s add this twist. Two months ago (before everything happens) The shopkeeper and his wife, thinking ahead, say, “OK, we sell our business’s building and get to a property where we can own it outright- downsize- move to less populated area- search for passive income methods. Eliminate the mortgage, maybe we will have enough?” But, the mother has her blood clot and strokes before they are able to sell and buy a new location. This is not the hard part. The mother survives, the hospital is eager to transfer her to a rehabilitation facility. Once this happens, you now have 20 days to solve all the problems listed above; the insurance (Medicare) will no longer cover anything after this point. Medicaid is unavailable. We now have 16 days left….

What we have learned. First, everything above are just obstacles. Don’t look at the whole problem. Take one thing at a time. Is the mom OK? What does she need that the Rehabilitation Facility cannot provide? She will not know what is happening. She is afraid. She is often alone. She cannot take care of herself. She is 100% dependent upon you. She is 100% dependent upon the nursing service. Are they under staffed? Do they understand her conditions? Is she getting her medicines, food, water, blankets, etc…

What about you? You are emotionally compromised. You are overwhelmed. You know NOTHING about the medical industry, government or any services- not to mention- everyone around you loves their acronyms. As an educator, I always maintained an understanding that you teach to the people in front of you. In other words, do not talk like a college professor to kindergarteners. People in medical services do not always know this. Remind them. Ask questions. Ask them to explain in a different way. It is critical that you understand everything going on. It is critical they understand you. When it becomes too much. Breathe. Step away. Pause. Contemplate. Focus on what is in front of you. Do one thing. Then, one more thing. Then, one more thing. And, so on… Take care of yourself! You have to. In the end, if you go down- everything goes down. So, take moments to calm. Read. Learn. Breathe. Stretch. Exercise. It helps.

Obviously, at this moment, we do not know if we have a solution to all this. Still learning. Still taking action. 16 days left. Our time is running out. Your right way is not their right way. Obstacles. One thing at a time. One thing at a time.

My wife and I know we are aging too. How do I avoid putting my family through the same mess? “Assisted Living Insurance” is probably a good start. It could have really helped us now. But, do have a plan. Start considering, now, what you can do to help yourself and your family in your senior years.

Thank you for letting me BLOG about this. I did not realize I had so much to say. I do apologize for all the closed days at this store. We hope we can make it up to you, after this is over. 🙂 Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your understanding.

As an addendum to the above- my mother had been in the Nursing Rehab since 1-22-2024. We were told we had 20 days to resolve housing for her by the office management. It took the case worker 4 days to call me back after several messages. She just called. She has informed me that it is not 20 days to get housing resolved. It is 14 days- even though I signed documents that say otherwise. We have 10 days to find housing. Remember to breathe. One thing at a time. One thing at a time.

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20240119 Explorers’ Emporium’s Next Evolution

Explorers’ Emporium is now in the process of evolving into its next business format. We shall be involved in creating fun and educational social media content. The new facility will also be designed to assist others in doing podcasts and recording projects. This with our retail store, our digital content, and special events shall make us a delightful adventure for everyone.

Back in 1989, when we first started doing our first educational programs and raising funds to build our first children’s museum- We have striven to be up-to-date with our technologies and information. In this fast paced world, it is important to be ready to adapt and grow. Today, we have an opportunity to develop and deliver more than ever.

Once our current building has been sold, there will be a period of down time, as we acquire the land and build the new building. The store and most services will still be available, once we reopen. But, we shall also be providing state of the art green rooms and recording studios. If all goes well, we have other amazing concepts, too; but, we don’t want to give them away… yet.

Keep following us here and on FACEBOOK; and, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube page.

Explorers Emporium YouTube

Background music in video:

Enemy Ships by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.


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Yes, Explorers Emporium is Moving

Moving 2

ADVENTURERS!!! Yes, EXPLORERS EMPORIUM is still open at 306 S Ironwood Dr, Apache Junction, AZ 85142. Yes, Explorers Emporium is selling its current building and hoping to make a FANTASTIC opportunity. Family care issues have affected our ability to be open consistently; and, the possibility of being closed, randomly, does occur. This, of course, creates confusion for our delightful visitors. And, we suffer a loss of income when hospital stays are required. We are hoping to keep everyone up to date. Please follow this BLOG page to keep informed. Also, we shall post regular updates on FACEBOOK- follow us at:

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Explorers Emporium Retail Shop

Explorers Emporium Store Interior Picture.

Does Explorers’ Emporium have a normal Online Retail Store? Yes. For sure. We have what we call the Adventurers Store located at: . We also have a Brick n Mortar store at: 306 S. Ironwood Dr, Apache Junction, AZ 85120. Our store provides Pathfinder, Dungeons and Dragons, Board Games, Dinosaur Fossil Casts, Renaissance Clothing and Gear, LARP supplies, Critical Role merchandise and so much more. Please follow this link- more stuff being added all the time: .

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Advantages of Map Packs

ADVENTURERS!!! We hope you are finding the Digital Download website useful. Is having the ability to download rooms, corridors and maps for use in your RPG games helpful? Yes, absolutely. It is funny…. Forty years ago, many of us DM’s and GM’s had to craft our own tiles and rooms. I, personally, used to take white paper with a straight edge ruler and draw corridors, make 1 inch squares, or whatever. Then, I would go down to the local ice cream/Thrifty store with a bunch of quarters, then use there copy machine to make more. With all this new map software, things have gotten much better. As we have mentioned, we do use Arkenforge for many of the designs.

I do enjoy creating dungeons and maps using software. I found myself re-creating the Mad Mage dungeon with all its layers. But as I finished, I came to the conclusion that I missed just placing tiles down. Most of the prep was pretty much eliminated. I no longer had to worry about the software wanting to do an update or perhaps having a glitch or asset disappear. Laying down tiles automatically creates the Fog of War affect. The players still had a fabulous time. And, with our map packs, if I need a bunch of corridors- I just had to print them. Easy.

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New Map Packs Added!

Thick Wall 5ft Cross Section w Cap

Take a look at some of the new map packs that have been added for your RPG game play. There is a new Thick Wall Dungeon Room Pack, a Thick Wall 5ft Corridor Pack and a Thick Wall 10ft Corridor Pack. These packs are AWESOME for using in underground adventures like Pathfinder, Dungeons and Dragons or even the new Critical Role Candela Obscura! Visit these new additions and the others at:

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D20 Hollow Dice Non Braille w Supports

Thank you for visiting our Explorers Emporium Digital Download Store! We have loaded many fun and exciting things for you to download helping you take your gaming adventure to the next level. We have Digital TV videos to play on you digital TV tables. We have added several Map Packs and lots more are coming. Can’t wait! We added our first 3D STL files for downloading. And, we are working on Adventuring Modules! Thank you for making this Game Store AWESOME!