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20240722 “10 Minute YouTube Viewer Experiment”

Explorers Emporium 10 Minute YouTube Viewer Experiment

ADVENTURERS and YouTube CREATORS!!! Explorers Emporium has been running a “10 Minute YouTube Viewer Experiment”: 

Please watch if possible. We are posting its performance:

Explorers Emporium YouTube Community Page

The experiment has been running for a week.  This is the first time we are promoting on Social Media and BLOG pages.  The sites we are currently posting to are:


X (Twitter):







Explorers Emporium’s Website BLOG Page:

Explorers Emporium’s BLOG Page
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20240712 Explorers Emporium Weekly YouTube Update

Clue LARP Candlestick Holder Mold

INVESTIGATORS!!! Explorers Emporium did upload another wonderful video: “Making a FOAM Clue LARP Candlestick Holder Part 2”. In this video we do the actual FOAM cast of the Candlestick Holder.


“Making a FOAM Clue LARP Candlestick Holder Part 1” is doing extremely well with currently 7.7K views! That is the most views of any of our videos so far.


Part 3 of “Making a FOAM Clue LARP Candlestick Holder” will be out shortly. In this video, we shall be applying LATEX and painting a finish on our casts.

We are currently finishing a video that is designed to test the YouTube Viewing System. It will be 10 minutes long and we will be documenting its performance and posting graphs so EVERYONE can learn about YouTube and being a creator. We hope you find it interesting and beneficial. We hope you can participate in the experiment!

#youtube#ttrpg#tabletop gaming#gaming#crafting

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20240705 Explorers Emporium YouTube Update

Clue LARP Candlestick Mold Pt 1 TN

Greetings ADVENTURERS!!! It is time for our weekly update on YouTube. Explorers Emporium would like to extend a special greetings to all the AWESOME United Kingdom viewers. HUZZAH!!! As mentioned, Explorers Emporium has reached the second benchmark for Subscribers; and, we are now diligently pursuing View time hours- needing 4000. Thank you for SUBSCRIBING to this adventure.

We currently have one video that is over 7.3k views- “Candela Obscura Part 3 BACK STORY fin”. Our recent “CLUE LARP Candlestick Holder MOLD Part 1 fin” has gained a thousand views in the last couple days. This is where Explorers Emporium decided to make a real life LARP foam version of weapons for the game CLUE. We just wrapped up filming Part 2 to this series- “CLUE LARP Candlestick Holder Pouring the FOAM Part 2”. It should be posted early next week. We shall be starting to film Part 3 this weekend. Thank you for watching!

CLUE LARP Candlestick Holder MOLD Part 1 fin:…

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20240628 Explorers Emporium YouTube Update

Clue LARP Candlestick Holder MOLD Part 1

ADVENTURERS!!!  Explorers Emporium has made the 2nd Benchmark on YouTube by surpassing 1000+ SUBSCRIBERS.  Huzzah! We appreciate each and every one of you.  As of the time this BLOG was being written, we are at 1013 and still going strong. Thank you!  Our focus shall be getting view time hours, now.  We will need 4000+ to be successful.

Our “Candela Obscura Part 3 Back Story fin” has officially reached 6000 views.  It reached this in 18 days, so we are hoping it continues.  This video also has 121 thumbs up LIKES.

We would also like to mention, Explorers Emporium has recently released a new video “Clue LARP Candlestick Holder MOLD Part 1 fin”.  If you have played the board game CLUE and if you enjoy LARP (Live Action Role Play), then you will LIKE this video. I really LIKE this video. We are making all the CLUE game pieces in FOAM to play a LARP version.  Part 1 is up.  Part 2 is being filmed.  Thank you for all your help.

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20240621 Explorers Emporium Weekly Update

Candela Obscura Book Image by Critical Role and Darrington Press.
Explorers Emporium’s Candela Obscura Part 3 Back Story

ADVENTURERS!!! Each and every one of you are AWESOME. Explorers Emporium officially has over 900 subscribers. Many of you know Explorers Emporium is striving to create a secondary source of having FUN and hopefully some additional funding to keep the Explorers Emporium store going. Your subscriptions and views mean so much, not only to us, but the local communities we serve. Thank you. Thank you. And, THANK YOU!

This “Candela Obscura Part 3 Back Story” currently has over 2.1K views in 10 days. Thank you for letting us make these videos. We hope you find them FUN and ENTERTAINING. We are currently working on the next video- it shall include entertainment and crafting techniques.

This video also did well “Explorers Emporium on YouTube in a Volcano”. It is a tutorial of using video editing software.

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20240614 This Week at Explorers Emporium!

Casting a Candlestick Holder for LARP

Greetings Explorers! We have had a busy week at Explorers Emporium. We have added some AWESOME new products, including electronics to start YOUR OWN PODCAST. We had a busy TTRPG on Thursday. We launched the 3rd installment of our Candela Obscura Character Creation YouTube videos. And, we are striving to start a Critical Role/Darrington Press DaggerHeart group and a Pathfinder 2e Society. Plus, we started our next YouTube video casting and molding a LARP foam candlestick holder. Lots of FUN stuff going on!!!

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20240606 Explorers Emporium YouTube Update


Greetings EXPLORERS!!! Another delightful up date from our Explorers Emporium YouTube efforts. We are sincerely grateful for the 140 new friends that have subscribed. Welcome. Welcome. Super glad you joined. We are diligently working on the next Candela Obscura Tutorial Part 3 which will have our backstory and some mechanics. Couple more days I think. 🙂

We have also adjusted some of our playlist. Hopefully it will be easier to find the different videos now.

Top videos this week are:

Explorers Emporium on YouTube in a Volcano!

Making a TTRPG Miniature Lake

And the EVER popular Crafting Explorers: Laced Leather Bracers

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20240528 Explorers Emporium on YouTube in a VOLCANO


ADVENTURERS!!! We just posted an AWESOME video showing our process of working with green screens and using Pinnacle Video Software. Watch “Explorers Emporium on YouTube in a VOLCANO”! It includes a silly scene from the Shopkeeper and a stunning video of a volcano. Enjoy watching:

#explorersemporium #3dprinting #YouTube #pinnacle #shopkeeper

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20240527 This Week’s YouTube Update

Explorers Emporium on YouTube

ADVENTURERS!!! This is this weeks update. Thank you to all the wonderful subscribers. We gained another 140+ to the family. Super appreciated. We are doing a “how to” video showing and talking about working with green screens, instead of just showing what we are doing. And, we have the first part of of the next Candela Obscura all shot and being prepped. Coming out great. Also, we will have some more Dungeon Delver Dilemmas shorts coming out. FUN week ahead.

Top videos this week are still “Crafting Explorers: Laced Leather Bracers” and “20240407 3D Stackable Building Pt 2 for TTRPG or Mini Movie Set”. But, these two are doing really well right now. Definitely FUN to watch!

3D Printed Stackable Building Laser Cuts Pt 4:

20240509 TTRPG Resin Lake fin:

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Green Screen Uses 20240523

20240131 Shopkeeper and the Skeleton Crew

We have all seen the amazing uses of Green Screens in Marvel and DC super hero movies. What is truly amazing is how readily available green screens and movie making software has become. Not to mention, computers have really gained in speed and resources for saving large, complex projects.

It is funny to think back in 1995, when my wife and I built our first children’s museum. We had a state of the art “Gateway” computer that had a massive 500 mb hard drive. Yah… that is megabyte- half a gig. We thought we would never fill that hard drive up. When we render video for the museum, the largest that an image could be was 480P. The movie files were HUGE. And, rendering a 30 second video could take DAYS. Processing was painful. And, when you hit the render button knowing it would take a day to create… Your greatest fear was a power failure.

Subscribe to Explorers Emporium YouTube
Subscribe to Explorers Emporium YouTube

Here is a FUN video we recently shot using a green screen and a green outfit. We were creating video parts for our Candela Obscura Character Creation series. We hope seeing the process inspires creativity for others. Enjoy!