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Contribute to Explorers Emporium

Greetings Adventurers!!!  Everyday new people discover Explorers Emporium.  Many of you already know who we are.  We are not a 501c3.  Not a charity.  But, as we all know, being a small business in todays markets is tough, even brutal.  My wife and I started out fund raising and building a children’s museum in 1991- Castle Earth Children’s Museum.  It was beautiful, fantastic, and worth every bit of effort that we could give.  The local communities and schools sincerely enjoyed and embraced it.  Adapting to this world has slowly evolved this wonderful educational concept into what is now known as Explorers Emporium.  But, we still continue to run Explorers Emporium in a fashion that is not putting profit and sales before the community.  We are and will always be here for the people- hopefully.  That does come with a sacrifice.  Anyone wishing to contribute a dollar or more to keep us moving forward would be very appreciated.

There is an awkwardness to such requests. There are so many more people that are far more in desperate need than us. In the end, Explorers Emporium is just a fantastic store that does really awesome educational programs and events. It does not compare to contributing to fix- climate change, world hunger, war, and others. Please give to these causes. I personally enjoy giving to the Arbor Day Foundation. But, if you have enjoyed one of our programs, events, or videos- a dollar does help.

Where to give on this site: Contribute to Explorers Emporium

We also have a Patreon site: Explorers Emporium Patreon

In the end, we are truly seeking a way to pay off the charming building we are in.  It really is a wonderful building.  We have come such a long way.  We owe at this time about $190,000.  It is a lot for most of us.  It is nothing to some others.  The thought of not having rent or mortgage would unleash our efforts.  We could and would do so much more than what we do today- school programs, science workshops, crafting workshops, events, community programs, etc…  For those that know us, know the amazing things we can bring to a community.  We would love the opportunity to do them.

Also, at this time, we are seeking solutions- renting part of the building, selling and downsizing.  We do have this building for sale or rent.  We would like to stay where we are.  But, decisions like these must be practical.  We are so close, yet so far away.  Your help means everything.  Please contribute if possible.  We totally understand if you cannot.  We do appreciate that you did take the moment to read this.  Travel well…

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