Dungeon Delving : Map | Church / Meeting Room with Basement


Created in ArkenForge.  These predesigned RPG tiles are perfect for Pathfinder, Candela Obscura and D&D style gaming systems.  Designed for download and ready for you to print in PDF format.  The Church / Meeting Room with Basement has 6 predesigned, 1″ grid images are 10″ x 8″.  They are designed to be printed on the front and back of 100 lb paper to be used as a flip mat but can also be printed on a single side paper if preferred.  (The names shown on each tile are not on print outs.)

Imagine: One of the characters have been injured.  You need a Cleric quick.  You carry him to the church.  Your players can see the church with its roof on.  As they approach the porch becomes visible but the interior is still greyed out.  They open the door and see the church, but no one is there.  You search the church and discover a trap door.  Your party carefully sneaks down through the trap door to the basement.  Still no one is there.  But, you see a door.  You listen.  All is silent.  You entered the next basement room.  No one?  You search the walls for a secret door.  Ah-Hah!  You check for traps.  All clear.  You open the secret door and find the Cleric tide up by Goblins.  You rescue them.  They heal your injured party member just on their last saving throw.  Success!


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