Dungeon Delving : Map | Dungeon Corridors 5ft Assorted Thin Wall


Created in ArkenForge.  These predesigned RPG tiles are perfect for Pathfinder, Candela Obscura and D&D style gaming systems.  Designed for download and ready for you to print in PDF format. Dungeon Delving: Map | Dungeon Corridors Thin Wall 5ft Assorted has predesigned, 1″ grid images that are 10″ x 8″.  They are designed to be printed on a single side 100 lb. paper and cut.  (The names shown on each tile are not on print outs.)

Imagine: You are a goblin.  You have had a tough day.  There you were just walking down the corridors just like you do everyday.  Then… an adventuring party jumps out.  Draw their swords they do.  You weren’t doing anything.  This is your home.  So, you take off running.  They are in armour.  They are not fast at all.  You run around the corridors for about an hour then finally the adventurers stop to rest.  You quietly go down to the next level where there is an army of orcs looking for some trouble to get into.  You tell them about the adventuring party chasing you around.  The big orc smiles…. We got this.  Problem solved.

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