Dungeon Delving : Map | Dungeon Room Large Limitless Thin Wall


Dungeon Delving : Map | Dungeon Room Large Limitless Thin Wall

Dungeon Rooms Thin Walled in an 8 x 10 inch format.  This Thin Walled Dungeon room are designed with 1 inch squares ready for RPG game use.  These rooms are perfect for Pathfinder, Starfinder, Candela Obscura, and Dungeon and Dragons style RPG games.

This dungeon pack includes a floor section, a corner section, and a wall section that can be printed as many times as needed to make as large as a room you would like.  For smaller room use: https://shop.explorersemporium.com/images/product/dungeon-delving-map-dungeon-rooms-thin-walled/

Created in ArkenForge.  Designed for download and ready for you to print in PDF format.  They are designed to be printed on the front and back of 100 lb paper to be used as a flip mat but can also be printed on a single side paper if preferred.  (The names shown on each tile are not on print outs.)

Imagine:  It has been a long journey.  The adventurers have been successful meeting all the challenges they have faced.  All, of course, except Joe- the fighter.  But, we won’t talk about him…. But here we are- the boss fight.  If we win this, we get all the treasure and level up.  How big of a dragon could it possibly be?  The biggest room we have been in was about 20’x30′.  We got this.  The Bard slowly opens the door.  She carefully, cautiously peaks inside.  It is dark.  She casts a light spell and sends it into the air.  Up, up, up the light ball travels.  The room is massive!  A low growl can now be heard vibrating the entire area.  First one dragon head appears, then another, then another…  Tiamat!  RUN!!!

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