Dungeon Delving : Map | Single Story Farm House 02 with Basement


Created in ArkenForge.  These predesigned RPG tiles are perfect for Pathfinder, Candela Obscura and D&D style gaming systems.  Designed for download and ready for you to print in PDF format.  The Dungeon Delving Single Story House with Basement has 6 predesigned, 1″ grid images are 9″ x 8″.  They are designed to be printed on the front and back of 100 lb paper to be used as a flip mat but can also be printed on a single side paper if preferred.  (The names shown on each tile are not on print outs.)

Imagine: Your adventuring party is out in the forest.  You are miles away from any town.  But, you see a dim light ahead in the trees.  You try to sneak but fail because the Barbarian is eating crackers! You approach the porch.  You smell something cooking.  A little old lady opens the door.  She smiles.  “Please, come in.” She whispers.  You cautious enter only to see an empty house except for a carpet that has been quickly thrown over what looks like a trap door.  “I wonder what could be down here?”


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