KickStarter Hollow Dice D12 With and Without Supports


Explorers Emporium’s Fun and Fancy KickStarter “Hollow Dice” 3D print digital download.  This D12’s sides are supported through only one pin holding each side.  It is a fully functional dice for rolling in adventure campaigns.  It is recommended that a padded dice tray be used.  Most 3D resins are still a little brittle and softening the role helps the dice last.  Liquid style 3D printers will have the best definition and quality print.  The 3d supported D12 STL file is designed to have all external supports removed.

Imagine: Your adventuring party is trapped.  You are deep down into a very dark and dangerous dungeon.  Another party member is going to use their last Wish Stone to teleport the party to safety at the local tavern above ground.  But, the angry monster army is coming!  You need to buy the party some time.  You have one spell left.  You role your D20 Hollow Dice.  You get a 17!  With modifiers that becomes a 23.  Does it hit?  It DOES!!!  Your game master says- role damage.  You pull out your D12 Hollow Dice.  You begin to role it seven times.  The game master looks on in horror as you add up the roles.  Did you just win the battle single handedly?

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