Water: Animated | 48 x 27 | 55″ TV | Hex Grid | 1080P | MP4


Water: Animated | 48 x 27 | 55″ TV | Hex Grid | 1080P | MP4

Made with ArkenForge.

Designed for RPG’s like Pathfinder, Starfinder and Dungeons and Dragons.  The Water animation can be downloaded and ran from a computer in a continuous loop.  This video is designed for a 55″ TV- basic screen dimensions 48″ x 27″- excellent for digital TV’s used as a digital RPG screen.  Hex grid is in a 1″ format.  The video (MP4 Format) will play like a living, pulsing space or alien world field or can also be paused for a still image.  Use additional tiles and miniatures to make your game come to life.  It is recommended to use a computer or other such item for play back.  Using the TV’s USB player can often cause a short black out period between loops due to a weaker processor.  Also, this video is in a 1080P format.  This allows it to run much smoother than if it were in 4K.  The video is simple enough where higher resolutions are not needed.  And, many TV’s are still 1080P or less resolution.



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