Refund and Returns Policy

Welcome to Explorers’ Emporium. This digital store sells only downloadable files. These files cannot be returned or exchanged. All sales are final. If you do need assistance or have question before or after purchase please send an email at: . We do want your shopping experience here to be happy and joyful. If you make an error while ordering, please contact us. We shall help if we can.

Explorers Emporium does understand that many of the digital assets that we are selling on this site require printers that can print certain widths or length or a 3D printer that will need to be of a certain quality for successful prints. Downloaded maps can be brought to printers. Liquid resin printers with 4K resolutions are the recommended minimums but we do test our STL prints on 2K 3D printers with success. PLA 3D printers are not recommended for the prints. We will add more assistance to this page as questions and needs occur.

Thank you for understanding.

Again, the email to contact us is: