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The Shopkeeper Adventures- Candela Obscura 001

The Shopkeepers Adventures with Captain Skeleton

The Shopkeeper and Captain Skeleton

Candela Obscura  001 (Video Link at Bottom of the Page)

  “Hi Cap!  Thank you for meeting me here.”

  “Aye…  Always happy to cross swords with The Shopkeeper.”

  The Shopkeeper slides back into his chair in deep thought.  You can see his mind working on things.  Always a thinker The Shopkeeper is.

  “You and I have been through a lot over the years.”  The Shopkeeper turns his head to look at Captain Skeleton.

  “True.  True.” Captain Skeleton replies as he raises his missing skeletal hand and admires his hook.

  “I have been thinking.”  The Captain roles his eye…  When is The Shopkeeper NOT thinking?  The Shopkeeper chuckles.  “We have built and helped children’s museums.”

  “True.  True.”  Captain patiently waits for the big question.

  “We have done live shows and concerts.”  The Shopkeeper says this as his mind reaches back to all the years of struggles, work and efforts.  “They were exhausting, but so very fun.”

  “True.”  The Captain repositions himself and faces The Shopkeeper.  “The Adventurers’ Store is amazing.”

  “It is.”  The Shopkeeper says quietly.

  “We have also done hundreds, thousands, of science school programs and science workshops.”  The Shopkeeper pauses, again, then huffs.  “I am hoping to do one more great project.  Something happy.  Something good.  Something that might be there for others for a very long time.” 

  The Captain looked over at his friend.  The Shopkeeper looked tired, now.  His 60 years of life weighed down upon him, yet he still has more to give.  It never ceases to be amazing.

  The Captain spoke gently, “What do you have in mind?”

  “I think…” The Shopkeeper trailed off for a moment.  “I think I want to play Candela Obscura.”

  If Captain Skeleton could smile, he would be grinning ear to ear.  “Explorers’ Emporium Style, I am assuming.”  Explorers’ Emporium Style is a long time reference between the two of them.  It references doing something with extreme creativity while making it a wonderful learning experience for everyone.

  The Shopkeeper tilted his head towards the Captain with a kindly grin, “Explorers’ Emporium Style.”

  “Do you have a plan?” The Captain asked almost jokingly.

  “I got a plan.”  The Shopkeeper states optimistically. 

  “When do we start?”  The Captain says already knowing the answer.

  “We already have…  We already have.”

  “We have to learn the game.  We need a Game Master, too.”  Said the Captain.

  A deep voice suddenly fills the air, “I will be the Game Master!”

  Startled!  Both the Captain and The Shopkeeper look around frantically. “Uh…  Who are you?”

  “I am your Game Master!  Let’s play!” 


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