KickStarter Hollow Dice D3 With and Without Supports


Explorers Emporium’s Fun and Fancy KickStarter “Hollow Dice” 3D print digital download.  This D3’s sides are supported through only one pin holding each side.  It is a fully functional dice for rolling in adventure campaigns.  It is recommended that a padded dice tray be used.  Most 3D resins are still a little brittle and softening the role helps the dice last.  Liquid style 3D printers will have the best definition and quality print.  The 3d supported D3 STL file is designed to have all external supports removed.

Imagine:  There you were.  Just minding your own business down a darkened alley.  Then, an Orc comes walking up and wants all your money.  Well, the joke was on him.  You did not have any money.  So, he says, “If you can beat me in a dice contest, I will give you one gold piece and not smoosh your nose.  “That sounds reasonable, but what if I lose?” The Orc just chuckles.  You both pull a D3 Hollow Dice from your pocket.  1. 2. 3! You role.  It toggles on “1” for just a second then falls on “3”.  The Orc gets a “2”.  HA! You won.  The Orc looking saddened walks a way.  You think, “What about my gold piece.”  But you stop yourself.  At least you have your nose.

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